Sound of Mountain Music is a professional music store where you can buy professional Chinese musical instruments. Our product range covers guzheng, guqin, erhu, pipa, liuqin, zhongruan, dizi flute, xiao flute, xun, ocarina, hulusi, bawu, etc. We set up our Chinese instrument business in 2009 and since then we've built solid relationships with several oversea music shops, Chinese instrument teachers and musical instrument dealers. We work closely with our Chinese instrument factories in different regions of China from the stage of selecting raw materials to the checking & testing of finished products. 

Throughout the years we've been providing our customers with high quality Chinese musical instruments at reasonable prices, with sale channels including our official website, ebay and amazon. Since established, we've sent thousands of our instruments to customers in different countries and regions of the world.

We carry a large selection of Chinese musical instruments at different levels, here you'll find the instrument you want no matter you're a beginner or a professional player. Moreover, we strive to offer best service in the industry. Our sales manager will answer any of your inquiry at the quickest time as we can.

We're well experienced in handling with international shipping. We use professional shockproof packaging for every instrument to ensure you receive it in perfect condition. Based on the years of experience, we're confident to say, if any damage happens to your instrument, we offer full refund!

At Sound of Mountain Music you can get instruments with high cost performance and professional pre-sale & after-sale service. And you'll find your instrument delivered just at your door within the promised time frame! Happy shopping and just drop us an email if you need any assistance!