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Professional Level Nanmu Guzheng Instrument Chinese Zither Zheng

  • US$373.00

Size: 64'' (length) * 12.6'' (width), standard size.

String number: 21.

String material: steel string with wool nylon cover.

Material: nanmu.

Soundboard material: paulownia wood.

Structure material: pine wood and solid wood.

This guzheng adopts nanmu, paulownia wood, pine wood and solid wood as the main material. All the material used were of good quality and were soaked, slag removed and dried before using, which directly contribute to the smooth touch feeling and good sound of the guzheng. The carved Chinese characters were handcrafted by professional cutlers with precise workmanship, making the guzheng exquisite and elegant as well as giving the guzheng culture connotation. The strings were covered by nylon to make the sound rich, mellow and vibrant.

Free Accessories

2 sets of professional guzheng nails, 1 set of #1-5 spare strings, a set of nanmu bridges, a pair of A style guzheng stands, a set of standard guzheng strings (fixed), a roll of anti-allergy rubberized fabric, a tuning hammer, a guzheng big bag, an electric guzheng tuner, a cleaning brush, a common music stand, a dust proof cover.